Real World Life Coaching

Face-to-Face Coaching

Face-to-Face Coaching is of-course the traditional mode of coaching. However, it is not necessarily the most popular mode, as it can often end up involving much more time than the session itself, as in the time it takes to ready yourself for a visit, to get to the appointment and back etc. Nevertheless, many people prefer this coaching option, as not only is it important for the Client to know who exactly they are talking, communicating, dealing with; but equally they prefer what is arguably a more complete Coaching experience; the physicality of which can generate dynamics that mirror those of our encounters outside of the Coaching relationship.

How Face-to Face Coaching Works:

1) Face-to-Face sessions can be either 45 minutes or 1 hour in duration and I am available for appointments; 9-7pm, Sunday to Friday inclusive, but am also available outside these times on request.

2) If Face-to-Face Coaching is your preference, then please fill out the Enquiry Form on the “Enquiry/Rates/Payment Page”; specifying your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice with regard to which day, date, time, where etc…indicating also whether you require a session twice a week, weekly, fortnightly, or however regular you prefer, and I will do my best to honour one of those choices.

3) Having completed the Enquiry Form, I will then email you my rates/pricing schedule, for the services I offer.

4) Also don’t forget to tick the box, confirming that you have read and understood the “Enquiry/Rates/Payment Page” in full

5) Having agreed upon a time, you are then invited to pay via one of the methods detailed on the “Rates Page”.

6) Although I live and operate from within the London NW2/NW3 vicinity, I am happy to co-ordinate face-to face sessions outside of this area.

Should you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to call or email me as per the contact details below.