Real World Life Coaching

Life Coaching by Telephone and On-Line

An increasingly popular mode of Life Coaching that I offer is by telephone, or On-line; the latter of course requiring the client to have a computer based connection to Skype. As with Email and On-line Coaching; one of Telephone Coaching`s biggest advantages is that it offers relative anonymity, thus encouraging clients to be less inhibited, to dig deeper, and to be more likely to discuss the really important, but sometimes embarrassing aspects of the specific issue/subject that they wish me to work with them on.

In addition to confidentiality, other advantages of Coaching by telephone and on-line are:

• Coaching Sessions can be conducted regardless of where the client is; whether in different parts of the United Kingdom or in different countries.

• Clients need not be concerned about meeting a stranger. Apprehension and anxiety is a non-issue.

• Professional boundaries between the Coach and the Client are more likely to be adhered to.

• The Client can save on Time and Expense as there is no need to travel.

• Telephone sessions tend to be more focused as distractions are much less likely to occur.

• Telephone Coaching is convenient, practical and considerably more comfortable for many people.

How Telephone and On-line Coaching Works

Life Coaching sessions by telephone or on-line can be either 45 minutes or 1 hour in duration and can be arranged as follows:

1) I am available for telephone Coaching sessions between 9am and 7pm(UK Time); Sunday to Friday inclusive, and having decided what times
are most suitable for yourself, please refer to the “Enquiry Form” on the “Enquiry” page specifying your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice regarding your preferred times and I will do my best to honour one of your requests.

2) Having completed the Enquiry Form, I will then email you my rates/pricing schedule for the services I offer.

3) Having agreed upon a time you will be then invited to pay via one of the methods detailed on the “Rates” page.

4) Don’t forget to tick the box confirming you have understood the terms and conditions in full.

5) Upon receiving payment I will then provide you with a mobile number or a land-line number; whichever you prefer, and then you call me at the agreed
upon time. Of-course if on-line is your preference I would provide you with an appropriate email address.

6) The agreed time will be your allotted time; twice a week, weekly, fortnightly or however regularly you choose, thus providing you with ongoing support and a reviewable personal action plan to motivate you to achieve your goals promptly and efficiently. Many of my clients of-course combine Face-to-Face sessions with Telephone, On-line or Email Coaching; especially those who travel a lot nationally or globally and require ongoing guidance and support while away and during transit.

Should you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or email me.