Real World Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a practical and common-sense practice, in which the Life Coach helps you the client take control of your life, or certain areas of your life such as work, relationships, health, fitness, finances to name but a few.

The relationship between you and your Life Coach is very much a partnership, in which your Life Coach will “explore” how to make positive changes in your life; endeavour to “discuss certain aims with you, “set goals” together with you and then “assist you” in working towards “achieving them”!

In recognition of the fact that “helping and thinking for oneself”, can truly enhance our ability to achieve realistic goals, make better decisions, implement appropriate changes to our lifestyles; Real World Life Coaching`s (RWLC) methodology is very much  aligned to the message in the wartime Lord Kitchener poster, in which the importance of “you” in making decisions, is emphatically communicated.

Whoever you are, whatever your problem, challenge, predicament etc; whatever arena (Personal, Business, Sports, Health); prospering to the best of ones ability “within the real world” is what is encouraged and facilitated in RWLC sessions; which can be face-to-face, by telephone, by email or online!”