Real World Life Coaching

Coaching Sessions

Maybe you face challenging decisions, wish to change your life for the better, want to enhance your ability to achieve your goals, but find that old habits, indecision/procrastination, lack of confidence etc are holding you back.

Don’t be alarmed! Welcome to the Real World; in which new, old, and existing issues, challenges, problems confront each and everyone of us invariably and regularly. Where “decisions” and “problems” are often avoided or deferred, rather than addressed; where nobody necessarily welcomes or appreciates the prospect of major or even minor changes to their lives…where potential changes, alterations to our daily, weekly, monthly lifestyles, routines loom much larger than ever before.

Yes, this is very much the reality of contemporary society; overloaded emotions, fears, sentiments etc; all adding to the cocktail and invariably clouding and impairing our ability to make sound decisions, accurate judgements, appropriate lifestyle adjustments etc.

Certainly navigating the Real World is a very tenuous, challenging and of course an ongoing activity that we are all captive audience to, and ignore only at our peril.

That everybody are part and parcel of this ongoing conveyor belt like journey of life is a fact, but that we all have the ability, and in most cases the opportunities, to determine and choose which path we ultimately take, is equally a fact!

Confronting reality, accepting facts, being honest with oneself; logically help us navigate contemporary society better, but specifically and candidly it is the simple, and all encompassing practice of “helping and thinking for oneself”; which can truly enhance our ability to achieve realistic goals, make better decisions, implement appropriate changes to our lifestyles etc; arguably much moreso than any second or third party intermediary might be able to; for lets be honest, no second or third party will bend their back more for you than yourself!! Particularly when your responsibilities are concerned!

Inspiring and motivating an understanding and realisation of self-help tools and techniques, encouraging people to switch on, ignite, and activate their innate ability to “help and think for themselves” as best they possibly can in relation to decision-making, goal setting and lifestyle challenges etc; fleshing out innate qualities such as determination, patience, courage etc, to help facilitate the process…is very much to the fore of Real World Life Coaching (RWLC) Sessions!

Which are conducted within the confines of reality,and workable everyday solutions; for as much as this neglected “self-help” practice is a potent force once unleashed, one must in equal measure ensure that our dreams, aspirations, and passions don’t hijack and distort our percecption of reality; ultimately remembering ones responsibility for the choices and changes we consider in life, maintaining at all times a realisation and appreciation that there are repercussions and consequences for each and every decision that we make.

In short; RWLC sessions will:
1) Seek to go beyond what you are saying insofar as accessing your concerns.

2) Identify for you misconceptions, misunderstandings that you may have regarding the Real World, differences between the facts and the interpretation, disparities between thoughts, feelings and action.

3) Facilitate and help you to discover, embrace, and equip yourself with a stronger and more durable mindset, enabling you to take appropriate action and achieve what is important to you.

4) Encourage you to broaden your horizons, think laterally and embrace your notions regarding the possibilities of taking action.

5) Encourage self-reflection so that you can better understand the various factors that effect you and your behaviour, i.e ideas, sentiments, fears. Whoever you are, whatever your problem, challenge, predicament etc; whatever arena(Personal, Business, Sports, Health); prospering to the best of ones ability “within the real world” is what is encouraged and facilitated in RWLC sessions; which can be face-to face, by telephone, by email or online!