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Payment can be by cheque, credit/debit card, bank transfer, or by International Bank Transfer. International payments can be made or sent in local currencies.

With regard to Face-to-Face, Telephone and On-line sessions; once a Coaching Session has been agreed to; you can re-arrange it by giving 48 hours notice, if you think you need to alter it, otherwise the full fee remains payable.

And with regard to the initial Face-to-Face Session, I offer a 50% money back guarantee, should you deem at the conclusion of that first session that we are not the right fit, for whatever reason, and this applies irrespective of whether or not you chose to take advantage of the free telephone consultation beforehand.

Should you require any further information on any of the Life Coaching Products I offer on this website, or wish to book a Free initial 20 Minute Telephone Consultation, then please refer to the below contact details.

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