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Life Coaching by Email

As with all the Coaching options on this site, combining two or more of these modes together enhances continuity and overall benefits for clients. This is particularly the case with the Email mode which by itself is a slow and not very interactive medium/form of communication. But in combination with the Telephone Coaching mode it becomes a powerful adjunct. Nevertheless as with Telephone Coaching; Email Coaching is a popular option; particularly for clients who find it difficult to book specific times for coaching sessions because of work or other unyielding commitments, as well as those who prefer the format and convenience of emails. Email is likewise very useful with regard to making initial contact, and especially so with regard to discussing or fleshing out difficult topics.

Other benefits of Coaching by Email are:

• Unlike Telephone and Face-to Face Coaching there are no time constraints and you can reflect on what you wish to say as well as how much detail you wish to go into.

• Via Email Coaching you can communicate at your own pace, from wherever you live, whatever your global location; whether permanent or transitory.

• The Life Coach is able to give a considered response to your requirements and is thus able to explore in greater detail actions and advice that will be helpful to you.

• The Client has their own email record of what they have asked and how their Coach has responded; both of which can be stored on your PDA and perused over as and when you wish.

How Email Coaching Works:

The Email Coaching Service I offer is as follows:

1) Firstly, you must email me or post me an appropriately detailed account of your predicament, what is troubling you, what is holding you back; in essence what you would like help with , and the background to what has prompted you to seek Coaching, and whatever else you believe I should know.

2) Having received your account of why you seek Coaching, I will then send you my rates/pricing schedule for the services I offer, and invite you to refer to the “Payments Page”, to pay the Email.

3) Don’t forget to tick the box confirming that you have read and understand the terms and conditions in full.

4) Having received payment, I will then respond by email, usually within two days, if not on the same day; giving due consideration to your situation
together with suggestions as to how you might want to tackle the personal challenge of finding solutions, making progress, as well as exploring and evaluating options you are considering.

5) Having received the first Email “Coaching Response” , should you decide you require further Coaching input ; which might be a week or even a month
later; you make a further payment for any additional Coaching that you might require, in due course emailing me an update on your situation.

Should you have any questions, then please dont hesitate to call or email me at