Real World Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Unlike other practices Life Coaching addresses itself primarily with the present and the future, and less with the past. You are not a patient who needs fixing or healing; “Life Coaching is not counselling or therapy”; instead you are a client who needs some short term support, guidance and an impartial voice.

Charged with supporting, encouraging and assisting you to maximise your potential, get the most out of your life; a Life Coach invokes inquiry in their sessions for greater understanding, awareness, clarity etc, and is not dissimilar to a Sports Coach; except that instead of helping you maximise your potential at Tennis, Cricket, Golf etc, the Life Coach`s primary remit is to help you, the client to maximise your potential in various aspects of Life.

In much the same way as a Sports Coach will work towards identifying and remedying what technical aspects might be impairing your performance, a Life Coach within an arena of confidentiality (thus allowing you to explore your thoughts and feelings freely and privately) will work towards finding what is behind the veneer, assist you in realizing what is holding you back; whether it be hidden beliefs, lack of confidence or whatever.

The relationship between you and your Life Coach is very much a partnership, in which your Life Coach will “explore” how to make positive changes in your life; endeavour to “discuss” certain aims with you, “set goals” together with you, and then “assist you” in working towards “achieving them”!

In Life Coaching it is ultimately up to you, the individual/the client to “challenge” or “reflect” upon certain ideas and move your life forward; for the Life Coach is a facilitator, and will not force you, the client to make any decisions you are not comfortable with.